Terms of the charter

Terms of payment

To reserve firm paid between 20% and 50% of the total, depending on the boat. If not paid this% of the total, is not reserved and we reserve the right to cancel the request at any time. The second part of the payment depends on the vessel concerned. In some vessels has to be made 15 days before departure. If not paid before departure, Barcoibiza charter and does not make the first payment does not return either. In other vessels the rest of the payment can be made on the day of shipment, just before boarding, but always before sailing. We always can check the payment terms in a personalized way.

Cancellation policy

If the charter is canceled by the company is returned Barcoibiza all paid. If you have to cancel due to bad weather (decided by the captain) first day you try to change the charter if possible, both for our agenda as per the client’s agenda, with the same or similar boat (same conditions price and capacity). In the event that no possible return Barcoibiza all paid.

Is canceled by the customer pays the landlord the following percentages of the amount initially agreed:

·         More than 1 months: 25%

·         With more than 7 days and less than 30 before the date of commencement: 50%

·         With less than 7 days prior to the start date: 100%

Terms of capacity

Each ship has a maximum passenger capacity authorized and the customer agrees to respect it. Before entering any payment always inform the maximum number of passengers that can go on the boat in question. At the time of making the charter shall not enter the ship more passengers than the maximum legally permitted.

Terms of the lease of recreational craft pattern:     


LANDLORD is the charterer / owner BOAT RENTAL PROPERTY: Model … tuition … whose name is … be the maximum number of persons authorized to board of … people.


The boat is rented with crew of …, with title to: …


The delivery of the vessel covered by this contract shall be in the day … at … at the Port of … and their return in the day … at … at the Port of … The navigation area will be provided: … Ibiza and Formentera ….. …………

At the time fixed for the return of the boat, staff and their baggage, to be landed, leaving the boat ready for review by the LANDLORD who initially heard the report of the Employer. Subsequently, both parties will sign the document for review with the agreement or concerns that may exist.


Prices and services will be agreed … € per day

Other Services per day: 0.00 Euros

TOTAL CONTRACT (excluding VAT): € …

The method of payment is as follows: …

The price includes insurance and standard equipment.

Not included: costs of supply, VAT, fuel, food, fuel, and any other item not specified.

As for methods of payment:

A.           Transfer:

Name´s account: PON CHARTER SL.

C.C.C: 2100 0801 11 0200612044

Electronic IBAN: ES7621000801110200612044


Bank´s name :  La Caixa

Bank office address :   Passeig de Joan de Borbo, 16. 08003. Barcelona. Spain.

B.            Through the payment gateway on our website: http://barcoibiza.com/es/contacto1.asp


The Landlord agrees to deliver the boat in perfect working order and cleanliness in the Port … on the date and time agreed. At the time of delivery of the vessel, the LANDLORD TENANT receive inventory with details of equipment and gear available to the boat, which is given to extend its agreement or concerns to it. Similarly you will be given of the general and special conditions of the insurance policy available to the boat.

The vessel was delivered to the port. The delay in removing the boat from the tenant for reasons attributable to it, will not determine the extension of the lease term.

If for reasons of force majeure weather navigation impossible the owner would make an effort to change the day of departure to another day was available.



In the event that LESSEE, for any reason, cancel this contract, the landlord must pay the following percentages of the amount initially agreed:

·         With more than 1 month and less than three before the date of commencement: 25%

·         With more than 7 days and less than 30 before the date of commencement: 50%

·         With less than 7 days prior to the start date: 100%

In the event that the LANDLORD for any reason, unrelated to a malfunction or repair the ship, cancel this contract, shall pay the tenant double the received signal as a reservation.



The vessel under this contract will be allocated to recreational boating and may not be used to carry out trade or profit.

TENANT agrees to use the boat as if it were owned by the standards of good sailor and with respect to the rules of the Navy. TENANT shall be the duty of keeping in good use the leased ship, and all existing facilities in it.

In no case may the government transferred the vessel to person other than one designated in the contract.

TENANT agrees to carry on board the vessel leased only the authorized number of people.

TENANT agrees not to leave the boat moored or anchored, without any person on board, roadstead, or waters not protected and does not require payment of fees for moorings. Also, use and care ell lessee of the vessel received and all its accessories in accordance with good seamanship and will do everything possible to avoid any loss, injury or damage.


The boat has an insurance policy taken out with … with coverage for accidents both own boat as liability and occupiers with the limitations specified in the general and special conditions of the policy.


In the event that LESSEE wishes to extend the rental period, you can do so with the consent of the Landlord and agreeing new terms for the period of the extension.



Bond: …€

If he had agreed to receive security for the LESSOR before actual shipment, it would serve to answer for any damage, loss or theft of any object covered by the insurer, or the late return of the boat. However, if the amount resulting from any of the cases set out above the amount of the deposit, LESSEE shall be obliged to pay the difference. The deposit will be returned to Tenant after checking the condition of the vessel and who has made an inventory and repair if necessary.


Are not allowed to sublease, LESSEE pledging to use the boat only for himself, family, friends or employees, which in total shall not exceed the number of people they are dispatched the boat.


If this contract is determined by fault of the RENTER it would lose the benefit of the LANDLORD the amount previously paid for the rental of the boat and would be obliged to pay the remaining amount to enter. The LANDLORD may terminate this contract in the event that through no fault of their own could not make available to the Tenant the vessel hired on a date should proceed to its delivery in that event the LESSEE LESSOR refund the amount paid on account. Under no circumstances may require the LESSOR LESSEE compensation for the unavailability of the vessel covered by this contract.


For the resolution of any questions which may arise in connection with this contract, the parties agree to submit to the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona, waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply.


The 6 commandments to be a good crew:

• Do not clog the toilet. Do not throw paper, cotton, hygiene items and that’ll end up clogging the toilet and the charter company penalize me with a “fine” for damages and delays for the next charter.

• Monitor water consumption. On a boat is scarce and very precious. You have to be restrained in the consumption of fresh water consumed in moderation is better than having to go into port to refuel because we’ve run out of water when you need it most.

• Always use bottled water for drinking and cooking, leaving the deposits for personal hygiene and cleanliness.

• Do not waste electricity because I can meet a serious problem in the middle of a cove frustrating days of my vacation.

• Generously fund.  The anchor is not sufficient to “hold” the ship, we must be generous throwing chain.

• Take care of the boat as if it were mine. Always keep in mind that at check-out, the charter company may deduct all of the damage deposit given at the beginning.

• I will not anchor the boat, catamaran, yacht or sailboat while a manager on board.Nobody likes to stay on board while the rest enjoy the outside but when a boat is left neglected usually end up in the rocks crashed and most are not responsible for insurance claims without crew on board the ship. 

Food on board

You’ll be on vacation. If only one day charter contact us if the water ice and soft drinks included. If you are included only need to take care of the snacks, fruit or snacks on board want to bring snacks. We also can provide a list of snacks ahead and buy it for you. If you only spend a day boat recommend you enjoy any of the restaurants that we recommend in our section  “Eating from the sea”.  If you are staying several days on board, we would like to give some tips to help with the organization of food:

- Make a purchase for the whole week before sailing with the ship. It’s cheaper and more comfortable. We can advise you on the nearest supermarkets to the port. If you provide us the shopping list in advance we can organize for you to have everything ready when you arrive to the boat.

- Opt for foods that are easy to prepare, like pasta, salads, meats, snacks, etc…

- Avoid perishable products (meat and fruits of summer) and bulky (melons).

- Do not buy drinks in glass bottles or 2 liter size. The mineral water in 1.5 liter bottles and other drinks in aluminum cans. Estimated 2 liters of water per person per day.

- Do not forget paper towels and toilet tissue, detergent for dishes, wipes, tweezers. If you will not wash dishes the best option is disposable, but always remember to recycle.

Clothing on board

Here we list what we consider necessary:

• White-soled shoes for walking on deck and rubber flip-flops for showers port.

• Do not forget some article that shelters a bit for night sailings and is waterproof.

• She wears a raincoat.

• We always put some towels, but it never hurts you to bring some yours.

• High protection sunscreen because the sun will be many hours.

Life inside

A prerequisite in boats, sailboats and catamarans is the order, both inside (personal effects in common areas, cleaning …) and cover (creams, towels, cameras …). In navigation is advisable to put everything in place to prevent falls and breaks and the boat becomes a chaos.

In the kitchen:

• Never cook in a swimsuit, you could burn with any sudden movement of the boat to displace what you are cooking off the stove.

• Never leave anything unattended fire.

• Always use high pots for heating liquids and avoid spills before any roll of the ship.

• Notify the “chef” if a wave approaches, although we are in a quiet cove (a jet boat that passes by a wave can produce enough to pour out what you’re cooking and ruin your lunch or evening).

Life on deck:

• Do not use rubber-soled shoes black that will leave all the soil and prevents full marks to board other ships with street shoes. We recommend that ueses shirts or similar cover to prevent trauma to the fingers, especially while maniobráis.

Avoid entering into wet to prevent any slipping.

• Whenever you move around the deck trying to keep one hand on the guard rail or any fixed element.

• Watch out for mobile phones and other electronic devices on deck as a wave untimely can eliminate them. There are sealed covers for the phone to hang from the neck and are great for these cases.

• On entering port tries to keep the deck as clear as possible to facilitate mooring maneuvers.

We want to remind you, with our best intentions, which are constantly boats and small faults. We ask for patience, education and understanding of any complications and you will get a rapid and effective response on our part.