Nautical events

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Discover the options we offer for a guaranteed success.

From our experience in the industry for our creativity we can bring the nautical event that best suits your needs and can be adjusted in time and budget, diseñándote the best solution.

We handle everything, transfers, corporate signage, uniforms, hostesses, patterns, manufacturing and personalization of material, storage, distribution, installation and personnel management.


Yacht Club

Sailing out aboard motor yachts where participants will enjoy a day visiting different parts of Ibiza and Formentera. Route is performed making the most the exciting experience of sailing a yacht across the sea, being the fastest way to learn about the islands. We will do different anchorage for a swim, enjoy the sun, eat in bars and watch the sunset.

Beach Club

The ability to include boating activity, with the funding and the visit to a beach bar exclusive of any of the beaches on the island, enjoying a catering and care activities on land.

Catamaran Excursion

Specially designed for groups who appreciate the dynamic and active proposals. Catering, barbecue, open bar and DJ on board, upon crossing the best beaches of the area. Perfect choice for large groups and weddings, meetings, parties and convencioes. Possibility of anchoring in different strategic points that will enjoy baths in places little frequented, without lowering the boat.


Proposal luxurious and daring specially designed for lovers of speed at sea, enjoying the unique opportunity to test highly competitive boats and sail over 60 knots per hour. Exclusive activity with a strong dose of adrenaline in boats equipped with powerful engines streamlined to make you feel like a real racing driver.


The exclusive incentive can dream aboard a yacht. True luxury at your fingertips on yachts over 25m in length where the mere fact of being on board and is a privilege. We give you a chance, while surfing and you travel the beautiful waters of the pitiusas, something exclusive and limited to only a few.